Reverse Mortgages

What are FHA Insured Reverse Mortgages?

Federally Insured Reverse Mortgages for Seniors allow Senior Home Owners to unlock the equity in their homes to provide needed financial security. You control where and how you live during your golden years. Many seniors make bad decisions and sell their homes because of money. Don’t do that.

If you have a few minutes, sit back in your easy chair and listen to the report that just started. It takes about ten minutes but it will explain how Reverse Mortgages work – in PLAIN ENGLISHA federally insured Reverse Mortgage will unlock the equity in your home for you to use any way you need, with NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS EVER! Why on earth would you want to sell or move into some smaller housing when a great alternative like our federally insured HECM MAXX© is here for you?

Since 1989, over 350,000 seniors have benefited from these plans. In 2009 alone we expect to see at least 125,000 more seniors take advantage of a Reverse Mortgage.

These plans allow you to access money your home hasn’t “earned” yet. You get present cash benefit for future appreciation. And, best of all, you get the cash you need without the burden of a monthly payment. That’s right – NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS!

The plans are designed to leave equity for your heirs. They make your home almost foreclosure proof. You never have to worry about where your money’s coming from, because the federal government insures your mortgage and if anything happens to your lender, HUD steps in and keeps the cash flowing.

That does NOT happen with any other mortgage we know of. With a federally insured Reverse Mortgage from Value Financial – America’s Senior, you are SAFE….SAFE…..SAFE in the home you love for as long as YOU choose to remain there. With NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS to make, EVER! Peace of mind for life!