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Choose from these FHA insured Reverse Mortgages

The “HECM MAXX” is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage that gives you more than the “average” HECM.  We have added to the normal benefits Wouldn’t you know it, we use the index with the best yield for you – the LIBOR index – combining this index with other special features for you. Plain and simple, It’s the best FHA insured Reverse Mortgage on the market.

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LIBOR Reverse Mortgages are based on the “London Inter Bank Offering Rate”, a worldwide offering rate traded around the globe.  It may provide more stability, higher credit line, and more cash in your hand! Find out more about the Libor index by visiting the “Reverse Mortgage Index” page to the left.

One size does NOT fit all!  We understand this and strive to offer all options.

Fixed Rate HECMs or a Fixed Rate Reverse Mortgage give you peace of mind and more predictable retained equity for your heirs.  Today’s fixed rates are VERY LOW. There are a few differences between the fixed rate program and the adjustable rate programs,  your peace of mind has value, right? Fixed or Adjustable?  

Using a HECM Reverse Mortgage, a senior may buy a new principal residence with far less up front cash than a typical “free and clear” purchase. Once you have completed the purchase there are no monthly payments to make for as long as you live in your home. The amount of money you will need to bring to closing will depend on the home purchase price, the lending limit, your age, and today’s interest rate climate.

Want to know how much home you can purchase with your down payment? Call us today and speak to a qualified HECM for Purchase Specialist. They will walk you through the steps of a HECM for purchase and let you know exactly how much money you need to purchase your new home, upsize, downsize, whatever you need!