Experienced Staff

Value Financial – America’s Senior     Reverse Mortgage Experts since 1994

Compliance Manager and Reverse Mortgage Expert – Nelson A. Locke

Location: North Miami Corporate Office               Phone: 305-688-1888 Ext. 110

Mr. Nelson Locke, our Reverse Mortgage Expert and Compliance Manager, is Past President of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers (2003-2004) and known throughout Florida for hosting the public television show called “Ask Mr. Mortgage”. He does a daily informational spot on the popular Steve Kane Show, AM 1470. He is also heard on Gospel Radio AM 1490 – WMBM in Miami and other stations around the country. Nelson is one of the Reverse Mortgage Industry’s best-known veterans and has been in the business since 1994. He has helped thousands of Seniors over the years.He was a member of NRMLA’s first Board of Directors. He has been teaching Brokers about Reverse Mortgage for years, recently founding the Association of Reverse Mortgage Specialists, Inc. He serves as its President and Chief Course Designer. In 2005, he created a course for FAMB titled “Understanding Reverse Mortgages” which is now taught frequently throughout the state. In 2006 he created the “Senior Money Matters” podcasts about Reverse Mortgages (in plain English for easier understanding). A Marine Corps veteran, he has a BA degree from Cal State and expects to graduate with a Law Deggree from Concord Law School in 2010. He recently took and passed the California Bar FYLSE and the rigorous Multi-state Professional Responsibility Exam. Nelson is here to help protect you and your interests.


President and Chief Operating Officer of Value Financial – Jon Gordon
Location: Miami, FL              Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 141

Jon Gordon is Value Financial’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for the daily operations of Value’s processing and closing departments. He is a technology expert, having participated in the development of Value’s state of the art vertical production platform. Prior to his current position, Jon led our Correspondent Department. Jon has a Marketing Degree from Florida International University. He joined the Value Financial team in 2002.


Executive Vice President – Linda Kluck
Location: Miami, FL              Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 130

Linda Kluck is the company’s Executive Vice President and Post Closing Senior Manager. She is also a HECM Underwriter – with over 20 years of mortgage processing, underwriting, and closing experience. Linda worked extensively in the traditional mortgage market until the late 90’s, when she decided to focus on serving the senior market. She is a HUD expert and has helped hundreds of Seniors enjoy the benefits of the plan. Her duties now involve post closing activities such as getting your loan insured by HUD. A University of Miami Graduate.


AVP Operations and HR for Value Financial – Rebecca Rottman
Location: Miami, FL                 Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 133

Rebecca Rottman is our AVP and Operations Assistant. She joined Value Financial in 2003. Rebecca has years of experience working with south Florida seniors. She was personally trained by Nelson and Linda. A happy person, Rebecca understands the process well and is very good at monitoring file flow at Value from start to finish! She is the HR point person and responsible for bringing new loan officers on board. Rebecca started with us as a processor, and knows how to successfully originate, assemble, and close appropriate HECMs.


Closing and Funding manager – Keith Torgersen
Location: Miami, FL            Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 131

Keith Torgersen is our Closing and Funding Manager. Keith has been with Value Financial over 4 years and has “done it all” when it comes to Reverse Mortgages! He now heads up our Closing/Funding department which includes the participation of funding through our warehouse facility and eventual sale of the loan to Fannie Mae.


Lead Processor for Value Financial – Josephine Fernandez
Location: Miami, FL           Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 132

Josephine is Value Financial’s Lead Processor. She has been with us for about one year now. She came to us from another very reputable, local reverse mortgage lender. She is a fabulous asset to Value Financial. She will assist you through the reverse mortgage process, and if you are lucky, she may even close it! She is also fluent in Spanish.


Lead File Opener for Value Financial – Annie Chayne
Location: North Miami, FL            Phone: 305-688-1888 ext. 100

Annie Chayne is our Lead Reverse Mortgage Opener. She has been with Value Financial since the very beginning and before! She will open your file, help collect your counseling certificate, and move your file into processing. If you are surprised how fast you moved through the process, it all started with Annie. She is also fluent in Spanish.